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With Christmas coming up in a few days I figured it'd be nice if we have a giveaway just like on the other forums... I don't celebrate but I thought it'd be a nice idea to start one.

Only rules are...

You must be 18 years old and above and you must have at least 3 posts in this thread.

How to win? Simple... Guess how old my cat is in months.

Quote this post and tell me the answer.

Up for grabs...

No box will be provided as I would really like to see this end up as a user. Winner will have to collect it from me directly and I reserve the right to check your age.

Start guessing and remember... only one guess is allowed and you are not allowed to edit your post, so you should make it count. Closest answer gets the knife and if there is a tie the earlier poster wins it.

ETA - This knife has been discontinued for a while and has a book value of $130 based on it's MSRP.
40 months bro!
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