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Simple. Summarized in one word - cost.

Don't be mistaken that Chan 5 programmes are all in HD. See this to get an idea >>*TV Listings on XinMSN Entertainment (you will be prompted to install Microsoft Silver Light if you have not done it before.
i've been waiting for HD8 and Ch U HD for long time liao... but there's no news... only news on mediacorp launching pay-tv interactive set-top box service...

not much HD content on HD5... but most of the movies are in hd and 5.1 surround... have to take note of the HD5 logo at upper right of tv screen... after tv ads the animation will tell u if this content is in True HD or True HD with 5.1 surround.
as for SD content... i prefer HD5 to follow hk, korea, to present in 4:3 square box... not stretch to full screen.
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