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Singapore is a bit in chicken & egg situation.
Not much HD channel, because no demand for it. No demand for it, because not many people choose the TV with DVB-T decoder. Not many ppl choose the DVB-T TV because these limited to higher end models and no incentive for the manufacturer to produce it due to low demand. Also not many ppl bought it because the price is more expensive, and ppl tend to choose the cheaper version of the same size. Also, many ppl don't see the benefit of HD5, because most of the time the local contents are in SD and 4:3 size. Take for example the news channels. I don't understand why mediacorp still showing news for HD5 in 4:3. To be honest, CNA should immediately jump to CNA-HD. It has the most locally produced contents.

All these require support and intervention from the govt to incentivize mediacorp. Or maybe allow another free to air broadcaster to spice up the competitions.
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