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there are lots of demands for it... everyone is waiting for HD... just that the broadcaster is not launching them.
btw... even SD content on HD5 is clearer than Ch5.
anyway... most of us are enjoying HD channels on cabletv or mio already.
now my wishlist is more on starhub's TVBJ-HD and ECity-HD.
Yes of course. the demand for HD is there. You and me, who understand what HD is are waiting desperetly for our local channels to go total HD. I myself can't go back to DVD anymore after enjoying what bluray offered.

But the problem is, people who enjoys and understand what full hd is only occupy less than 10% (maybe even less) of the population. The remaining 90% have no clue of what HD is. Most are satisfied with DVD quality because they haven't really see the quality of full HD. Some of this people are even still using CRT. Then when they buy new LCD tv, connect it to the antenna to watch local channels, they found out that they brand new shiny lcd has worse picture quality vs their old CRT when watching local channels. This is the problem that need to be solved.
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