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not so bad. if crack guess I do be crazy now. is at the top got chip and 2 hole at the silver part
wow, that painful my SGP case not here yet, and im using the original flip case from Samsung Corners are not covered too.

Better reserve fast. OceanEleven took 1wk to get. It took me 1 wk ++ b4 I get a call back from them. Will be getting my note on 27 Dec'11. It seem to me more and more ppl are getting note.

Don't really know why suddenly got so many ppl getting. I asked around friend and colleagues. All said they wont get note,

Main reason. TOO BIG. end up still got so many ppl getting. wonder what is their reason for getting note.
Note's to me its something special, i have been waiting to replace my IPhone 3GS for android and it happens Note's releasing info was floating around the Web, immediately it caught my attention (Runs on Android, Bigger Screen compared to most SmartPhone, able to Draw on Photos (Personal Fav lol), White Version/color and Customizable Tones without needing to do complicated Methods (Apple)

i could list alot more but.. everybody's tired of Wall of text reasons

every ip users i know of, exchange their phone b4......when i was using ipod also the same...every1 getting refurbished set in the end......
agreed, but i'm one of the few whose still have the new* iphone without the need of exchange. (working great after lots of falls, thanks to my casing)

It's great to have a large screen, but the happiness is short-lived whether need to access mobile Internet on My Note. It's a pain to d/l data ...

M1 download speed via 3G never exceed 50kbps and ping more than 1sec when tested out at various locations in Singapore using Is that a norm mobile Internet access speed?
Mine Singtel 3G: Ping at 102, DL@1.69mbps & UL@0.87mbps

I had Problems with M1 signals before.
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