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well Singtel the same.. especially if you try to surf or watch youtube in MRT imterchange the speed is worse than a k56. or sometimes, cannot even connect.
Mine's alright with YouTube and webpages in trains (underground) - Singtel too

hi guys,

which store would be better to buy a note without contract and good sales service mobilesquare or moby?

thanks in advance
Im not sure about Mobilesquare (its been 4 years since i visited them), for moby's service's alright (where i gotten my note)

hope that helps.

haha... nowadays i oso use Note to surf net at home, cos the bootup for laptop is really slow..... so my note is fully utilitised both at home and outside... realy worth the money i guess...
For me.. if im using note to surf net most likely im lazy and im on my Bed~
do some maintenance on your laptop (clean up and defrags)
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