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From a Taiwan reseller, 800SGD when i pre ordered and paid full in late november and waited...=.=; then another 50+SGD for GST
got it before christmas, so that was great.

Don't think got international warranty.... my game consoles, my current CPU processor, all my phones and this my first tablet all I buy online, no far none spoilt, least for 3~5 years gadgets/TVs/PC stuffs I keep before selling/giving off.

Power adapter is US type, seller, provided adapter. local units will have likely come with Euro type. (2 Pins, Live/Neutral)
I have 3rd party adapter too, but so far, I only carry the tablet around and back home least 30+% left, most time browsing web, PDF Documents, shoot email, some THD gaming... and "Where is my water?" game
(phone telhering).

my review:
if your want something different from iPAD2, this is the thing, but better screen, hardware IO support, watching 1080p videos from PC w/o any conversion kicks ass.
Games, so far visually/graphically only ShadowGun THD seems to make tegra 3 worth it, others are okay...
Ram management/multi tasking not very good as i expected doe proclaimed ~5x performance of Tegra2.. (Ram is 1GB, think more ram memory would have been better)
hope to see Icecream sandwich update improves things and more games/apps taking advantage of this hardware.
wow...cant wait for TFT in 2 weeks time from mow is SGP
Yoga Book/Hi13/Tab S3
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