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First thing when you put out the white box, you would be able to see the tablet in full view. Minimal protection but sufficient to survive the shipping all the way from China.

Accessories that comes with the tablet if you get it alone. Starting from the top left, the Ainol Novo 7 Paladin Tablet, a mini USB to USB cable (Note that its not a micro adapter), a certification label from Ainol stating that it has cleared manufacturing requirements, bundled earphones and lastly a User Manual that is only in Chinese (But if you worked with Android tablets before, navigating around it shouldnt be an issue)

Picture of the logo at the bottom right of the tablet. Not too fanciful, feels just right for me

Logo of the company at the bottom left of the tablet. If you noticed by now, the front of the tablet does not feature any buttons, which I feel is a plus feature for the tablet, after all ICS is meant to do away with all the buttons. The screen is also abit concave, so it depends on the user, feels nice for me though.

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