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At the bottom of the tablet, nothing much except for a certification label.

At the right side of the tablet, nothing interesting as well.

At the top of the tablet, starting from the right, the power button, the back button and the menu button. Placing them on top of the tablet is a nice touch, giving the front of the tablet a sleeker look.

At the left side of the tablet is where all the interesting stuff happens. Starting from the right, a headphone jack, MicroSD slot, Mic input, mini USB port, Reset button and volume rocker. Personally, i like the inclusion of the reset button, as China tablets might go wonky at times, it really saves you during those times. As you might have noticed by now, the Novo 7 Paladin lacks an HDMI output which might be a turn down for some. But it compensates for that for the sleeker design and cheaper price. So depending on individuals, this tablet might be for you.
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