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Been looking around for jobs but I have this itch to do CAD stuff , I did some very basic measurement and final design drawings using Sketchup at my last job and I liked it alot.

So has anyone worked as a trainee before? What's it like? I saw a job offering to be a trainee , says its a 2 year contract thing, I will be trained in real life scenarios and I think it's a 16mth(?) attachment as well , at the end of 2 years , I might have a chance to be signed as a permanent staff at the attachment company.(no guarantees I think)

Need some advice, since I have a dip in business , which is totally not related and my CADD experience(1 mth of sketchup and some AutoCAD, laughable) is purely self taught.
i'm an engineering diploma holder and currently still working at aceplp and about to complete the 2 yrs programme. i am expecting my bonus and now about to look for a new job. the line manager is still negotiating for my next potential employer's terms and conditions.

my training was in total 2 months inclusive of 1 month of theory and 1 month of internal ojt. my colleagues hve diff training period as some learn faster some are slower. its not bad, i learnt a lot after working at 6 diff companies.

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