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My story with Contact lenses

I am a guy with high astig (above 300) & myopia (above 700).

i like the feeling of wearing contact lenses, however i think im not suited to them, im not too sure its just by my instinct. Several years ago i have alry tried semi-hard Boston-brand contact lenses, but i gave up after few months because i always feel my eyes getting very dry after half a day & i have to keep instilling eyedrops throughout the rest of the days. At times, i even need to put some drops into my eyes before the contact lenses can actually pop in. (One of the reasons also becos i always have insufficient sleep that makes my eyes even more dry?) And then the next morning i will have tough time putting them on without them dropping out from my eyes. Sometimes, they fall off my eyes & hands and onto the florr or table get dirtied & i have to rewash them & try putting them again and so forth until can spend mre than 15mins just puting these tings on. It was so troublesome & at one point i felt a sharp pain that i stopped using it anymore for a few years.

Then last yaer, i tried soft disposable lenses (B&L) vision was good but cant wear for the full day cos the eyes will feel really uncomfy ( i think due to the lack of oxygen) cos B&L only have one type of toric lenses with my power at that time. I switched to acuvue fortnightly disposable, though astig can only cater up to 300 i think. But again although its mre comfortable than semi-hard type, the vision not as crisp & still gets dried up after few days of wearing.

Recently, i heard that Boston has a new type of semi-hard lenses which is softer & allows for more oxygen to flow thru. Im not sure whether i shd try once more as the lenses not cheap as it needs to be customised.

So, can i safely say that i am just not so suited to contact lens wearing?
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