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I dun tink so… I waz fresh enginering deg grad and nw wrking at mnc cuz of de 2 yrs training n exp i got while wrking in aceplp as traineee cad enginr. as fr as I knw dis company is the only one tt offers such packge. Whr else r u goin gt the relevant exp n skills frm? de REAL EXP comes frm wrking directly w de clients, in fact I wrked wif abt 4 companys n learn tt some of thm SUCK n i NEVER wanna wrk thre aft i grad frm aceplp 2-yr prog. I wuld nv knw this UNLESS I was a jobhopper. Nw that I hv grad frm de 2-yr prog, I can fnd a gd decent job to finance my living. Stp tinking de wrld is against u, dun be so naive!!!
I study Precision Engineering in ITE years back and actually work in F&B industry for the past 5 years (can't find jobs in engineering firm)...
I join aceplp since 2010, i find this company v weird as they provide free training & with salary...
It took me 4 months to be successfully attached to a company as i know nuts about drafting works hahaha... currently, i am working in a MRT project and really thankful to the trainers that came to the site office and guide me whenever i face diffcultites but sometimes get scolded by them...damn...Lol...
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