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I dun tink so… I waz fresh enginering deg grad and nw wrking at mnc cuz of de 2 yrs training n exp i got while wrking in aceplp as traineee cad enginr. as fr as I knw dis company is the only one tt offers such packge. Whr else r u goin gt the relevant exp n skills frm? de REAL EXP comes frm wrking directly w de clients, in fact I wrked wif abt 4 companys n learn tt some of thm SUCK n i NEVER wanna wrk thre aft i grad frm aceplp 2-yr prog. I wuld nv knw this UNLESS I was a jobhopper. Nw that I hv grad frm de 2-yr prog, I can fnd a gd decent job to finance my living. Stp tinking de wrld is against u, dun be so naive!!!
When on earth is the world against me? What I know this company is exploiting my fren. He told me several bad experiences of other colleagues as well who have been duped into working for this company for at least 2 years. I am glad to hear that you are able to utilize your time with this company as a stepping stone for your career growth. Others may not.

Their chief trainer resigned for better job and apparently they even promote trainee as trainer who is even junior than my fren. Why can't they get a qualified or experienced trainer? I bet trainer's salary is also at the lowest side like my fren; that best explains why no one is willing to be trainer for this company. What a joke!

Don't be so naive that this is not the only company with such job package. Others like Cadskill may have better package than this.

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