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haha I took a longggg time to get to Hakone due to getting lost... By the time I reached the sky was getting dark and I did not know what time the last bus was so I quickly took a few pics and made my way down. It was so deserted and not a single pax at the bus stop. Can't imagine missing the last bus and having to stay at one of the costly hotels at Hakone
Well, there are not-so-costly hotels too u know...

Travelling solo certainly has its fun and challenges. But so does travelling in a small group. Sometimes good to do both!

I started 2 years ago and have been travelling alone every once in a while. I feel that each time just gets better. 1 con of travelling alone is that there are no one to take photos for you and i don't really like to ask a passerby to do it as it's quite Awkward ~ :p
I did that when I was touring Central England...but hate it when I need to bother people to help me with photo, most of the time those shots taken are far from my expectation. Maybe should invest in a tripod of so...
Yup, there are pretty light tripods around, and better still, get one of those gorillapod or ultrapod - very useful!!
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