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Smile floods, droughts... yeah

Nt possible la. Where r u going to park so much bicycles? Season parking? Erp?
One car park lot can park at least 8 bicycles comfortably, many more if U pile them up/ build racks. U can transport many more ppl on bicycles than U can on cars. Terrain dependent also (floods normally don't stop cyclist unlike cars- the 'ponding' in SG that is). Just don't get another Ferrari driving CEO to manage the MRT pls, such CEOs only know how to count $$$, the mechanical functioning of the trains don't seem much of their concern (she made the chief engineers there quit- IIRC)

Anyhow, U can also hang bikes on walls (in office etc) or squeeze them under desk if collapsible.

BTW, SG fell in WWII to Japanese soldiers riding stolen bicycles.

Maybe people will start cycling when flooded roads become impassable due to blockages or waterlogged traffic... I don't know. Maybe Dr Vivian knows... floods, droughts... yeah!
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