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1. I learn a few phrases here and there b4 flying over. Usually I try to rem it in the plane. lolz.

2. Take pic of food/ loo etc in case is totally cant communicate

3. Download a English/ xxx translation app. Then i show it to the people

4. If you garang like me, i will try to learn a few words everyday and try to use it everyday till i rem. If dont know how to pronoun, ask a local over there to help you out. ie while waiting for train, "catch" a local to teach you.. haha

PS: I have STM, i will almost surely forget whatever i have learn when i'm back in SG
Same here.... v poor memory, so forget most stuff after a while!!

But good advice above, and to add to that, there's always body/sign language and mime, although do note that some countries may have different meanings for similar body/sign language!! :p
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