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Custom scenario: Chaos of Childs

Scenario topic

Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun jian, Yuan Shao and Lu Bu are dead. A new dynasty is opened by their childs. Liu Feng and some officers of Shu don't want Liu Chan become the king of Shu, so they take control of Shu and Liu Chan must retreat to the South. In Wei, four sons of Cao Cao divive his father country to four country of them. The childs of Wu and Yuan's family do it, too. Lu Bu's child, Lu Lingqi succeeds her father at Xia Pi and Xiao Pei

Things to highlight:

There are a few created officers that uses Xiahou Dun "double eye" potrait, take note of this matter
Do not get confuse with the actual Xiahou Dun

Download scenario file below
Download SCEN013.S11 from - send big files the easy way


Convert non-playable officers to Playable

Emperor Ling ( searchable @ Chang An )

Emperor Shao ( searchable @ Chang An )

Emperor Xian ( searchable @ Chang An )

Yu Ji ( searchable @ Wu )

Hua Tuo ( searchable @ Lu Jiang )

Guan Lu ( searchable @ Ping Yuan )

Xu Shao ( searchable @ Ru Nan )

Zuo Ci ( searchable @ Cheng Du )

Sima Hui ( searchable @ Xiang Yang )

Mi Heng ( searchable @ Ping Yuan )

Huang Chengyan ( searchable @ Xiang Yang )

Qiao Xuan ( searchable @ Lu Jiang )

Zhang Rang ( searchable @ Luo Yang )

Jian Shuo ( searchable @ Luo Yang )

Empress ( searchable @ Chang An )

Officers skill changed

Jia Xu, changed to "Intensify", originally "Counter Plan"

Jiang Wei, changed to "Detection", originally "Counter Plan"
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