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how to buy cheap lens? look here

Hi guys/gals

Cheap lens
If anyone interested to buy contact lens (any brand) cheaply, here is the solution.

Solution: combine our orders and negotiate with the optician for a good bulk discount.

Remarks- so far Queensway's price is the best. i normally buy yearly supply and mine is finishing soon . So i will be heading down again to top up my supply. If anyone interested to jointly negotiate for a good discount, email me and we can meet at the shop to buy.

note - i am a consumer, not making any money from this/ not a representative of any kind. i will not collect the money from you either, so u will pay directly to the optician.

I use freskon daily disposable and if in bulk it cost less than 80cents per piece or even lower we manage to get more buyers. not sure about other brands though, but definitely cheaper if there is sufficient bulk
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