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The DVB-T antenna that came with my usb DVB-T tuner looked like this

it has a magnetic base but when orientated vertically as shown on image above, it cannot receive digital 8, 5 or CNA.

To receive digital 8/5/ CNA channels, the antenna needs to be located near the window and the tip pointed somewhat at the horizon without any blocks blocking the line of sight. I pointed it to the south. Signal Strength is only 3 out of 5 bars at best. HD5 signal can not even be detected during channel scanning.

So I bought a cheap round metal plate such as the stainless steel drop-lid sold at diaso. Refer to the link below:

then I bought a big pop/cosmo clip, sold at Popular Bookstore, to hold the metal plate in place. A clip like the one seen in the link below also sold at Daiso but smaller and less sturdy and is transparent in colour.

By sticking the base of the magnetic dvb-t antenna onto the centre (or slightly off center) of the round metal plate and pointing it to the direction of the horizon without any blockage by nearby walls or HDB blocks. I can receive HD5 and 2 other HD5 test channels (3 out of 5 bars). The normal digital 5/8/CNA signal strengths increased from 3/5 bars to 5/5 bars.
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