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Hi all,

If you like the first Version of the antenna, you are going to like this. It's simpler and even better in Signal Acquisition then before.

**** WHAT''S NEW ****

This new antenna captures 15 Digital and HD Channels!!
- Digital 5, Digital CNA and much more.
- Bonus!!! Indonesia and Malaysia Analog Channels picked up as well, World Cup anyone?
- And it seems Media corp going to put out more HD Channels real soon, see test channel name and you will know what I mean.

The new enhancement to the home brew antenna, is shown at the end of this video presentation.

To build one..
STEP 1 : Follow this guide
STEP 2: Include the enhancement shown in my video.

Where to buy what :
1)Wires, Nuts and Screws try Home-Fix or Sim Lim Tower.
2)For Balun Transformer, please go to Sim Lim Tower 3rd or 4th Floor Audio / Mic Shop on the Right of Escalator. (Cant remember shop name)
3)Card Board or Backing, any Arts and Craft shop and asked for hardest and Thickest Card board (0.3cm thick)

*** If you like the Video, please give it a good rating and so i know i should work to enhance it further.
or do a video guide to build one.


See it Here if it doesn't load
>> **VER2.0** DIY Antenna for Watching Singapore HD5 and much MORE!!! - YouTube

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