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i guess they are optometrists because they do fittings for contact lens as well. anyway,optician do that too (check wikipedia)DUDE, I'm a registered optometrist. Opticians can do lens fittings ONLY IF they have the CCLP license which is currently not taught anymore.

it can get cheaper than 80cents per piece if you buy from them in bulk. if u do your homework, it prob cost 20 -40 cents per piece when you buy in very large quantities overseas( you can check the price from alibaba).Contact lens distributors in singapore have very strict price check here. Unless you're getting parallel imports which origins may be unknown.

that said, as a consumer, we can no longer to import or buy lens online thanks to HSA although the quality overseas (e.g.US ) is much better. I used to buy them for my personal use. I got focus dailies for only 50cents .ITS NOT THAT YOU CANNOT BUY THEM ONLINE. ITS JUST THAT YOU NEED A FITTING TO BE DONE. READ MY PAST POSTS.

so given the above, if u buy from the optician or optometrist, u can get a good price if you buy say more than a thousand bucks worth ( because they can get 40cents per piece from Alibaba). so give them some margin, we can get probably 60cents per piece. Go to china if you really want to get them at this price

I rather go for daily disposable because it is safe and hassel free. dont mind paying for it but given that you can get few hundred bucks of savings per year, it make sense to combine our orders and get the discount from the shop. this is legal and only way to bring down the price.Get your eyes checked and lens fitted. LENSES are not like choosing clothes ITS A PRESCRIPTION ONLY ITEM.

that said, anyone interested, pm me
i am heading down to queestown soon to get my yearly supply, so any further discount will be good. i believe u can get any brands as the $bought is more important. I tried most brand,and recommend freshkon as it is cheap and good.
If you are still adamant about buying lenses over the counter, good luck, Your luck may just run out and you may just be the next guy landing yourself in hospital due to a blinding eye infection due to a improper lens fit.
An Improper lens fit can lead to the eye being more prone to infections.


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