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confirm is a kid who thinks he/she knows everything. LTK bad teacher because have one bad disciple. aiya better than another one raise salary to recruit 'talents' and some more not one but more than one. ok I will stop replying to this thread and hope everyone dun post any stuff here. Waste of bandwidth.
oh man, who introduced all the million dollars ministars with all the stupid policies, FAILed 'solutions', stupid remarks and honest mistakes... and 2 time corrupted (ex)MP...

sometimes ppl must learn to look into the mirror...
Ok since you all dislike and think it's failure here and there and everywhere, so let's ask the co-driver LTK to decide and introduce his own ministers, LTK who is so 'good' at picking talented people since the previous 'talent' he highly recommended and nurtured for 10 years just hit recent headlines and is recently out of town.
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