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my post applies for those who already know their prescription (i.e. have already visited optometrist). I have done my fittings contact lens prescriptions have to be reviewed yearly and eye health have to be assessed every time lenses are dispensed before buying (in fact i did mine in NUH with an ophthalmologist ).Currently in Singapore hospitals, OPTOMs do the lens fitting NOT OPHTHALS. they are not so free for this trivial matters. i got Conjunctivitis ( red bumps in the inner eyelid) from bad hygiene, which is why i consulted a specialist. the prob has gone but i stayed away for three years.

so the recommendation is to go for daily disposablehe merely recommended the modality of lens wear and not the lens parameters. , which i will recommend contact lens wearers to do the same. so far with dailies i have no prob for past 10 years but it is expensive

once u buy the first time, you will know your lens size. your corneal curvature would not stay the sameSo as a repeat buyer, they dont have to check my eyes all over again. So for those who has never had their eyes checked, they will have to go thru the ritual..
On every visit. At least when lenses are dispensed, eye health have to be assessed. Cut your crap.
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