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by the way, many here are interested to get a good price, and if u can offer a good price in this forum, i am sure many will be interested to buy from u...

i still think lenses are overpriced . i can afford them but does not make business sense to pay more. sure a lower price will help those who dont earn that much or prevent people from recycling monthly wear many times over.Its a matter of self-respect, if you decide that you want to recycle your lenses, you have only yourself to blame should anything happen.
moderators please control such misleading posts which may potentially cause harm to people who do not know of standard procedures.

4.2.4. No optometrist shall re-prescribe or re-dispense any contact lens to a patient
unless the patient has undergone proper aftercare (Article 4.2.1) within the
last 6 months.

visit this link for more info

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