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Don't be so defensive . I did get my fittings from Nuh and the doc recommended his optical shop to me to elaborate futyher. But he gave me the parameters! My intention is to help people here safe money . As to your allegation that I am misleading people is unfounded . Look at the place which I am referring people to buy from- from an optometrist in queensway . While I appreciate the advice from you , the shop selling is the one that need to obligate himself to subject the buyer to proper health check .
My advise is purely from the commercial angle . And the daily disposable that I am advocating came from my doc.
First you said you got it done in a hospital. Now you say its done in a doctors shop. So what is what?
You are not misleading the public who to get the lenses from but you are misleading them into thinking that if they noe their lens parameters, it is safe to buy lenses off the counter.

Let me get this straight it your face. No optometrist will every do the proper health check at that kind of price you're looking at. And it is in fact this attitude that cause most optometrist to not care about your eyes. Seriously. If you need cheap lenses. There is one place where people can always go to and also not expect any eye check. Which is just north of our border.

Optometrists should not just be the ones pushing for the right practices. It must also be the right attitude of patients to pay for such services. If every patient is asking for cheape,better and faster services, they should just stop wearing contact lenses altogether. When harm comes to their sight, their only blame is us. They would always forget that it is their own attitude that caused optoms to be left stuck between their bosses and them

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