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LTK mentored him to be a good politician in the WP mold.

LTK did not mentor him to an adulterer, assuming the rumors are true.

Therefore if your question is 'who mentor YSL in his flaws?', then only he knows. But it is highly unlikely to be LTK. Besides this also begs the question if flaws need to be mentored, or encouraged or if it is inborn. Again, LTK is unlikely to be involved in these arguments.
i agreed to that.
mentoring someone to be a good politician....who knows that he could be an adulterer(rumors not confirmed) ....that's his personal life...
at least LTK had the guts to axe him having mentoring him to where he was now - an MP for think it's that easy?
unlike someone else up there....doing a crappy job....promise one thing and yet doing a u-turn...and when things get tough....say "sorry"....but still there wor...and defending his ministers when they make costly mistakes....who is the bad mentor here??
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