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Gonna schedule an appointment for contact lens fitting again with Ngee Ann Optometry Centre. They did a fit for me last year, going back to make sure everything is in good shape. IDK whether is it luck or not, they only fitted me with 1 brand of lens and it was good to go. They did checks, which I am not sure what is it... Used a machine, lit light into my eyes, tell me look up/down/left/right + eye pressure + yellow stain thingy, check upper/lower lids for any infections, etc... Good job dude. That is the lens fitting I'm talking about. It's to check the movement of lenses on your eye. If lenses have no movement it would be too tight. And one with too much movement would cause alot of discomfort.

Nevertheless, no problem with the lens im wearing now. Wore >36hrs before, no problem. Try not to do that. As the lenses will dry over time, the lens would draw fluid from your tears. This can cause dryness and may also cause the pain that you're feeling. Overwear of lenses would lead to the lack of oxygen of the cornea. This can potentially cause huge problems like infection and blurring of vision in severe cases.
One minor issue which happens very seldom though I feel a sharp pain and the lens felt like it was gonna drop out for a few sec.

Reading warhunter's makes me scare hahaha.
He is an example of a responsible contact lens wearer
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