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Gonna schedule an appointment for contact lens fitting again with Ngee Ann Optometry Centre. They did a fit for me last year, going back to make sure everything is in good shape. IDK whether is it luck or not, they only fitted me with 1 brand of lens and it was good to go. They did checks, which I am not sure what is it... Used a machine, lit light into my eyes, tell me look up/down/left/right + eye pressure + yellow stain thingy, check upper/lower lids for any infections, etc...

Nevertheless, no problem with the lens im wearing now. Wore >36hrs before, no problem.
One minor issue which happens very seldom though I feel a sharp pain and the lens felt like it was gonna drop out for a few sec.

Reading warhunter's makes me scare hahaha.
Bro, how did you make an appointment at Ngee Ann Optometry Centre? And how much does it cost?

TIA for replies.
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