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Only have a pair of eyes, have to take care properly. Those who are looking for affordable contact lens fitting can visit NGEE ANN or Singapore Poly at $5 only. Might be a long process(1-2hrs)for some, but I kinda find it relaxing lol. Just sit there and relax, +1 if it's a chiobu attending to you.

Would like to ask some question regrading cleaning of lens. It it important to rub it both before & after wearing the lens? Sometimes very lazy to rub after wearing, so I just take them out and store it. But I always rub before I wear it.
Do it before and after.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Optmometry Centre Online Appointment Booking Form*
They charges a small fee of $5 for the public and $3 for their students. Given my previous experience with them, they will contact you to confirm the appointment.

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