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Hi, any good contact lens solution to recommend? I currently using solo care, but dk why I feel that the solution is oily?? Everytime when I wanna put on my lens I can feel that my lens are kinda oily, even the lens casing is oily too...
by right you should go to an optometrist for aftercare after starting on a type of lens care to see if their are any effects on your cornea caused by the solution. it is normal to feel that the lenses are oily because its a multipurpose solution afterall. you can try rinsing the lenses with normal saline before wearing them if you find the MPS irritating for your eyes.

I cannot advice you on the effects of the solution as you must be followed up with an aftercare because i need to see if there is any adverse effects on the cornea cells. during soaking of the lenses, soft lenses will absorb the MPS into the lens material and would be released into the eye during lens wear and some people may develop some changes on their cornea.
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