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Since we are talking about the leader being responsible for the party member's mistakes, which I do think is entirely correct by the way, I think maybe you won't mind if I beat a few dead horses here then considering the nature of this thread, and the fact that you are not a staunch PAP supporter.

Personally, I do think the public transport system break down was much more critical than someone's sex life, maybe you should take a look at that, ie transport minister.

In addition, Tharman mentioned that we need to limit the inflow of foreign worker due to our infrastructure limitations. I do think the manpower minister was perhaps not far-sighted enough in this respect. You could support such a cause as well.

I am surprised that such matters escaped your attention given your voraciously consumption of the newspaper. Your passionate pursuit of accountability does seem to be rather selective given your implicit statement of impartiality.
Think TS only interested in the sex life of the important appointment holders so lets shift attention to the SCDF and CNB chief - Home Affairs minister have not updated yet leh, a few months already. What about those principal and teachers? How come education minister have not bring their mentors to task yet??
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