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Finally got myself a RT-N56U today. Copied all my WRT-54G settings and ready to go.

Managed to get the LAN setup OK. Great with speedtest etc.

Need advice on the wireless portion. My old WRT-54G was using the older WEP standard.

1) I am setting two bands of 2.4GHz (b/g) and 5GHz (n). Both using WPA2-Personal (AES). The two SSIDs are not hidden, and are named as (example) SSID and SSID_5G.

2) My devices like laptops, iphone4 cannot "see" the 5GHz band. I manually created the SSID_5G, entered the key and encryption type etc - still cannot connect.

Did I do something wrong?

Let me get this fixed, first before I attempt to re-connect my Dlink-5220 IP camera with port forwarding (copied the setting already).

Sorry to bother the gurus here.
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