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Thanks - so i refer to the mac address and that is how i know?

if i set to 'n', for 2.4ghz and a b/g device tries to connect, will it be able to?

so far only the ipads can connect to the 5ghz at 'n'.

so should i have both 2.4ghz and 5ghz at 'n'? if so wouldn't it be redundent having 2 similar bands?

really sorry for the 20 questions
Wireless N has backward support for b and g it will connect but not at N rates.
As said before N standard is special, you can have 2.4GHZ N Routers as well as Dual Band N Routers.
2.4GHZ will not interfere with 5GHZ.
If you hardly use 5GHZ you can turn it off.
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