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Xperia sola - floating touch

Sony is adding yet another smartphone to the ranks of Android 2.3 handsets: the Xperia Sola. It comes with an 854 x 480 TFT LCD display that spans 3.7 inches diagonally and touts Sony's Reality Display branding. There's also 8GB of built-in storage, NFC compatibility with Sony's SmartTags, a 5-megapixel camera with sweep panorama options, and a dual-core 1GHz NovaThor system-on-chip from ST-Ericsson.

A new feature Sony is introducing with the Xperia Sola is called "floating touch." It's specific to the web browser, where the phone will react to you hovering your finger above the screen as it would to a mouse cursor. You can highlight links by lingering above them, though you'll still need to tap to select them.

Source:Sony Xperia Sola launches with 'floating touch,' NFC, 3.7-inch Reality Display, and Android 2.3 | The Verge

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