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it happened to me too and i post the same problem few days back in this thread but seems that nobody got this problem.

however i noticed it only happened when i leave it in my front pocket. was wondering if the side "power" button was accidentally pressed instead because even in lock mode when u hold the side button for a few sec it will bring up the phone options, and one of the phone options is phone shut down.

however there are other phone options too like silent, 3G off etc....but they never got accidentally activated...only off phone option

so it comes back to the conclusion, my phone could be switched off by itself....but but but it so far like i said it only happened when i put the phone in my pocket.

need more people to confirm. my phone is barely 3 weeks old
When you place it in your pocket, is the screen facing your thigh or yourself, or is it facing outwards? Coz my old hd2 when I put in my front jeans pocket with the screen facing myself, it's sensitive enough to unlock by itself or hang up my calls due to the touchscreen sensitivity and my thigh
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