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Just like to add some more here. Guild Wars 2's role playing is like creating your own story in the game, you get to choose everything that you want. The is no healer, DPS or tank class in this game you can pretty much build your class in the way that you like. Example is like for warriors who are usually DPS class, you can build them as a support class where they have this shout skills which buffs and heals allies. One more thing is, you don't have to spend 20 - 30 days grinding so you can enjoy the end game pvp because in Guild Wars 2, you get "side kicked" to max level and are given necessary equipments once you enter the PVP grounds so you can still be on par with other players.
Well explained here! Every class has their own healing skills. If you wanna play all the different story, you have to create 60 characters lol.
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