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That actually sounds a bit like SWTOR, where everyone is "buffed" to level 49 for PVP. However you still only have the skills you had, ie if you are actually level 20 you would not have the skills that are unlocked at level 45.

The last MMO I really enjoyed was rift. Was it was also the kill x of x type, it did have certain innovations. I think the class system of rift is similar to what you mentioned. Each main class has several sub-classes, and you can use 3 of these sub-classes at the same time.
Yup, it's a bit the same with SWTOR but I'm not sure if this also applies to SWTOR but in GW2 you can actually level up your character just by playing PvP in the WvWvW. You gain exp and loot if you kill someone at the WvWvW (but that person doesn't really necessarily drop his items).
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