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Mass Order: Jdslabs Portable Headphone Amplifers and ODAC

October mo is now Closed.

1)Schlep/ODAC Standalone Black, C421 OPA2277, Fiio L2 cable, fiio l3/Paid/collected
2)Mendokuse/Odac standalone Silver, O2 amp, fiio L2 cable/paid/collected
3)marlaboro/ODAC Standalone Black/Paid/collected
4)karioli/c421 ad8620/paid/collected
5)rose13lood/c421 opa2227, fiio l3 paid/collected

Prices(one time payment including shipping, no other extra charges unless special circumstances) :
C421 AD8620 : S$260/-
C421 OPA2277: S$250/-
ODAC Standalone with Casing(Default is 49mm case for the Non-RCA version): S$205/- (Add S$12 for RCA output version). Please select a color for the front plates, Silver OR Black.
O2 Amp Standalone including 18V AC-AC adaptor: S$220/-
O2 Amp with ODAC Integrated including 18V AC-AC adaptor: S$390/-
Please ask for quote for all other items sold on Jdslabs site.

Jdslabs Objective 2 Headphone Amplifier
Flyin’ High: JDSLabs C421 | Headfonia

JDS Labs - Objective2 Headphone Amplifier
Review: Review: NwAvGuy's O2 DIY Amplifier
Included accessories:
AC to AC Adaptor (regular off the shelf DC Adaptor WILL NOT WORK and will damage the amp)
2 x fully charged 9V rechargable batteries

Customizations(please select one): Default Gain OR Low Gain
The default gain levels of the Objective2 are intended to work well with > 95% of headphones on the market. We use the stock O2 with headphones as low as 16 ohms @ 108 dB/mW, and as high as 250 ohms @ 96dB/mW (very high and very low efficiency, respectively).

There is no reason to change the stock gain unless you regularly listen at extremely low volumes.

We can set gain of 1.0x/6.5x or 2.5x/1.0x upon request. Other combinations are also possible, but may delay shipment by 2-3 business days. Simply make your special request(s) during checkout.

C) Jdslabs C421 Headphone Amplifer

JDS Labs - c421 Headphone Amplifier

Price: $260 for Ad8620 and $255 for opa2277 or ad8066

Included Accessories
USB Charging Cable

Customization(please select one): AD8620 or AD8066 or OPA2227
c421's dual gain switch and active-true ground topology enable it to drive headphones of all types and impedances. No customization is necessary.

Three options are available for the primary stage opamp: AD8620, AD8066, or OPA2227. Our #1 choice for c421 is the AD8620, which gives smooth, refined output and excellent imaging. A/B tests with most listeners deemed the AD8620 more favorable than the OPA2227. The AD8066 is slightly less transparent, with similar highs but greater emphasis on bass. AD8066 is better suited to driving especially high impedance headphones (300+ ohms).

All opamps are soldered to the 4-layer PCB for maximum IC performance.

Q: Why order through you?
A: We are going via Insured Express shipping, which is slightly more expensive but once we achieve 20 amps, we can ship for cheaper.
For the Jdslabs O2 amp, it does not come with the required AC to AC Adaptor, you have to get it from element14 yourself. But if you order through my end, I will include the AC to AC Adaptor along with your order.

Q: What about GST? Since you have exceeded S$400 for your shipment?
A: Jdslabs is kind enough to offer us 7% discount to offset the GST. So no worries about being charged GST. Prices are what you need to pay one time.

Q: What about collection?
A: Once the amp arrives in Singapore, I will contact you guys immediately for arrangement of collection. Self-collection is also possible if you want to get the amplifiers as soon as possible when it comes.

Q: What is the estimated time before the amp reaches me?
A:Usually it takes about 3-5 working days for Jdbslabs to manufacture and ship the ampilifer and after it will take another 1-2weeks for shipping. So you can expect it to arrive anywhere between 2-3weeks after the order is placed. Worst case scenario is 1 month(weather/disaster/unforeseen circumstances)

Q: What about warranty?
A: All amps come with 1yr transferable warranty. See the most updated info here: JDS Labs - Store Policies

Q: Why are these amps so cheap compared with the ones sold at local audio stores? Are they better than china brands like Fiio/Ibasso?
A: Both amps are designed and made in the USA. It is made by a small startup company who specialize in making DIY amps, they don't do any form of marketing and advertising, so there is no overhead cost involved. Top grade audiophile components is used. These amps do not have the DAC functions like the Fiio and Ibassos but you can't expect the stars and moon right? If you want top sound quality and output power for under S$300, look no further than these two amps.

Q: Which amp is more suitable for me? What are the differences?
A: Both are portable amps. O2 amp cannot fit in your pocket but has alot more power and better sound quality, the C421 is much more suitable for portable use.

Q: I do not know what customization to choose? What should I do?
A: You can pm me for advise or post your questions here. I will be glad to give my opinions, also you can search on the internet and various forums for other opinions

Links & Resources(regularly updated):
NwAvGuy: O2 Headphone Amp
JDSLabs C421 Preorder is live...

Previous MO:

July MO:
1)Weng/O2 Standalone, Fiio L3 Dock Cable/Paid/collected
2)BaLLzuKa/ODAC Standalone,iSimple 3.5mm Int. cable, 3.5mm to RCA cable/Paid/collected
3)Canadian/O2 Amp Standalone/Paid/collected
4)ewng/ODAC Standalone/Paid/collected
5)Anragaz/O2 + ODAC integrated/Paid/Collected
6)rosschang/C421 AD8620/Paid/Collected
7)Archslayer/ODAC Standalone,O2 Amp Standalone/Paid/collected
8)kkphon/O2 Amp Standalone/Paid/collected
9)MK206/O2 + ODAC integrated/Paid/collected
10)Paul02/O2 amp standalone/Paid/collected

April 2012:
Slots/Customization/Payment Received:
1)dqwong/ODAC Standalone/Paid/collected
[b]2)Kenz/ODAC Standalone/Paid/collected
3)I_M_TOMMY/ODAC Standalone/paid/collected
4)BrightChaos/ODAC Standalone/paid/mailed
5)orangecounty/C421/Ad8620+Fiio L2/Paid/collected
6)zhuang_zijian/unassembled o2 without pcb or batteries+odac standalone without cover/order cancelled by request, amount left after paypal processing fees refunded.
7)evildemon/4 x ODAC standalone/paid/collected
8)kkphon/ODAC standalone/paid/collected
9)Ftp2001/O2 amp default gain and isimply 3.5mm cable/Paid/collected
10)edmundtyw1/C421 opa2227/paid/collected
11)Purplelightning/odac standalone/paid/collected
12)RiderXPS/O2+ODAC Integrated/paid
13)EviLAng3L/C421 OPA2227/paid/collected
14)mentosonline/ODAC standalone/paid/collected
15)mscommerce01/odac standalone/paid/Sent
16)axl/c421 opa2227/paid/collected
17)say31277/c421 opa2227/not yet(ORDER NOT PLACED due to no reply)
18)rsetiono/odac standalone/not yet(ORDER NOT PLACED due to no bank transfer)

March 2012
Slots/Customization/Payment Received:
1) isaacyeo/O2 default gain/paid/collected
1) Rubick/OPA2227/Paid/collected
2) Kenz/AD8620/Paid/collected
3) azumarill/OPA2227/Paid/collected
4) tenglw86/AD8620/Paid/collected
5) ewng/AD8620/Paid/collected
6) Racoiaw/AD8620/Paid/collected
7) Googleitslol/OPA2227/Paid/collected
8) dqwong/AD8620/Paid/sold
9) dqwong/AD8620/Paid/sold

August/September MO completed
Same Prices are as of below:

1)NikonD4/O2 Standalone/Paid/received
2)AsukaAkira/ODAC Standalone/Paid/recieved
3)Novance/O2 standalone, ODAC standalone Silver, Fiio L3, Fiio L2/Paid/recieved
4)Behumane/ODAC standalone/paid/recieved
5)LouisLoh/O2 amp standalone with 1x/6x gain, ODAC Standalone Silver/Paid/recieved
6)Tyhja7/O2 with ODAC Integrated/Paid/recieved

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