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Hi. Was looking for a budget pc. Acer got one mini
Pc at $599. But it mention that there is no graphic card ? How does this affect the image or display ? Sorry for the noob question.
Means no dedicated graphic card,image mayb smaller resolution(not 100% confirm) but can 100% confirm the video quality so-so and gaming performance is No-Go that kind haha.

Dun get branded pc,not value or $,lousy hardwares,sky high price,meagre 1year warrantry(compares to diy 3yrs) Can create a thread in hardware clinic and state your budget and usage,let them recommend you a build,you can find a guy who can built you for you and sent over to your hse. He also provide consultation and troubleshooting for a low fee. Find Fotran.

If not,then just get a branded pc,performance so-so,price is erm.. Then 1year warranty,after that spoilt get another one lousy hardware and sky-high price branded pc agn

any rumors on the mid range gtx600s?
wait until neck growing longer as each day passes.
Mainstream mid range gtx600 coming in late april earliest to mid may. Best chance is mid may
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