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Hi guys, happened to chance upon this thread.. and learned quite a few things o.O

I've been wearing contact lenses for quite some time now. The first time i got mine was about few years back. The optom (or maybe optician?!) did look at my eye through the eye slit machine thingy, bright lights and stuff, and let me test quite a the lenses, and gave me quite a tutorial about wearing lenses.
So far I'm fortunate enough to not have any infection, except for this one time my eye swelled due to a sty or something (prob cos I skipped some proper care in Ns... Learned the hard way...). I went to SNEC that time, but the follow-up didn't seem to be as detailed as what was described here, mainly just looking through the eye machine.
However, reading up on all the previous posts, I was wondering if i should go to SP or RP or a hospital/specialist for a full eye health check up, as I would be going overseas soon and was thinking of getting a new stock of contact lenses ( maybe dailies).

Lol sorry for long post. I would just like to know if I should go for the full check at this point of time, and where should I go for it. Thanks!
everyone should go for a full eye check every 6mth-2 years depending on age, risks and own initiative.
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