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Hi everyone,
I really enjoy reading this thread. It increases my knowledge of NTU before I even set my foot into it. Well I have some burning questions to ask all of you seniors and fellow school mates to be.
Firstly I will be enrolling into NTU computer science course in August this year. I am a JC student previously and I love math alot. I have abit of programming knowledge (Java/VB) that i learnt while serving NS. However, I heard from many that computer science is a difficult course to be in especially since there are tons of foreigners and poly students who are way ahead in computing. Is this true???
Next I have a fear of not being able to get into hostel in year two and so forth as I lived in Pasir Ris. I am afraid that the long travelling distance would cause me to become exhausted and inattentive during lectures which may eventually affect my result. Hence is there any tips on how to get into a hostel. I have read about the rec list and so on. Any trick on how to get into the list???
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