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Alot of Ah neh? Oh god. I am not holding any prejudice against indians here but based on past experience, I think I have trouble communicating with them. Oh so by joining the main comn in tier 1 club, you can get access to rec list? Do you stay in the same hostel as the you did the previous year? What are tier 1 clubs? Do they changed each year?
nope nope.. with CCA its all abt the points... for main comm of tier 1 is 9 pts. plus ur pasir ris 7 pts total abt 16 points, should be able to get you a hall very easily. If you're ok with staying with foreigner in a double room.. you could find a cca with positions giving u 7 points.. should be sufficient from what I see now.

i stayed hall 16 all my ntu life

as for tiered clubs, they are accessed i think once every 2-3 years.. this year they're doing it.
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