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TDK BA200 =)
they really that good? TDK give me DVD -rw only =x lol
Number of drivers dont really matter, I preferred the single driver ER4B to the triple driver SE530 (i owned both at one point in time).

Just go with what you like, if you really like the sf5pros then by all means reshell them .

If not, sell em 2nd hand and maybe you can up your budget!

Try the Radius DDMs (nice presentation, good timbre)
klipsch x5/x10 (from forums, crazy bass on these)
ER4P (must order from overseas, very clinical and precise..also one of the most detailed iems out there)
TF10 (get from forums NEW at ~230-250, but if you have fit issues with sf5pro then youll probably have em with tf10s)

As for headphones you can go wrong with the ATH-M50(nice bass), ESW9(slow, warm sound great for jpop), or HD-25-1 II
thanks man~ maybe i shld go stereo listen them and get advice from them?

coz reshell without addition drivers and getting new sets are like around the same.. hmmm~ how abt ue 700? they seem the cheapest dual driver in the market
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