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other than "kids trying out programming"

what other uses can you guys think of it ?

its realllyy small, but other than python programming, i don't see other uses

its so slow and comparable to a P2-300mhz
Slow ? My old XT @ 4.77Mhz is slower and 100 times larger. There are so many stuffs that can be done with this, only limited by your imagination. Of course, you can't fit the use cases that requires 10K concurrent sockets that you can get in server class machine with this tiny machine right ?

For a system that can perform 1080p for the GPU can't be too shabby. You probably wouldn't want to run python on it if you want the best performance. C/C++ aside, node.js might be a good solution for network side of things.

It can be a really small web server, it can be running OpenCV to perform image recognition via a webcam over ip. It can developed into a small gadget to allow mobile video conferencing. How about a hacking tool that plug into any network and perform sniffing ? It's small, but not small enough because an even slower and smaller arduino can already be hack to do that. What is stopping you from developing it into a robot brain using something you are familiar to develop with ?

You have to be creative, don't just view it in comparison with the kind of powerful machine you have today. Think about it, 10 years ago, a lot of things have already been done with machines less powerful than this small little device. If you don't need 16.7M colours to get something done, a 256 colours at 320x200 can just provide sufficient entertainment.

Last of all, all of these for how much !? US$25 ? Compared to money I spend on a laptop, I can buy 50 to 100 of them and build a cluster service out of them!
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