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Mod: I have transferred distance-learning degree program review posts from my previous thread of the same topic (credits will be given to the original contributors). The small-talks from the previous thread will be cleaned up, leaving just the relevant posts. Please don't be alarmed if you see that your post count has dropped.

Dear Fellow Forumers,

In recent years, there are increasing more choices for us in university-level degree courses offered by various local and overseas universities, be it part-time or full-time, distance-learning or on-campus. Many of us who are interest in pursuing a degree from overseas (or even local) universities are in a dilemma, because we are unsure of what we should choose.

Therefore, I suggest that we share our own experiences here to benefit those who wish to educate themselves further. Your contribution should include these information listed below:

1) Title of degree

2) Offering institute (if through distance-learning)

3) Awarding university

4) Length of course

5) Method of delivery:
-- a) Part-time / Full-time
-- b) Distance-learning / On-campus
-- c) Fully-taught / Tutorials only / Self-learning

6) Costs

And a review on the course undertaken, for example, on the assessment methods, syllabus, any hidden costs, accreditation status, frequency of classes, quality of trainers, and if possible, a scan of the certificate and transcipt. Your contributions will go a long way to help those who're interested in taking up higher education.

Thank you.

Note: Please post only reviews of the degree programs you have undertaken. Queries should be made using a new thread or through PM to keep this thread "clean". Thank you.

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