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Originally posted by Jayan

1) Title: Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Business and Management Studies

2) Offering institution: MDIS

3) Awarding university: University of Bradford, United Kingdom

4) Length of course: 2 years (with advance standing) or 3 years

5) Delivery method: Distance-learning, Part-time, Fully-taught

6) Costs: S$18K (2 years) or $20K (3 years), inluding 4% GST, but excluding registration fees and textbooks.

This is a franchised course whereby the course syllabus, selection of lecturers, examination content etc. are fully controlled by the university and not by a third party institution.

You need to complete 360 credits worth of studies in order to graduate; there're 33 modules (10 credits each) and 1 management project (30 credits) for the entire program, and it is divided into 3 stages (equivalent to 3 academic years).

Exemptions from stage 1 modules will be given to students with business diplomas from local poly, advanced diplomas in business from PSB Academy and MDIS and other relevant qualifications.

Stage 1: 11 modules (110 Credits)

1. Foundations of Accounting 1
2. Foundations of Accounting 2
3. Quantitative Methods in Information Management
4. The Digital Enterprise
5. Business Law
6. Work, Employment and Society
7. Organisational Psychology
8. Business Economics
9. Practice of Management
10. Foundations of Marketing
11. Foundations of Production & Operations Management

Stage 2: 12 modules (120 Credits)

12. Resource Planning
13. The Management of Service Operations
14. Marketing Management and Strategy
15. Marketing Research - Strategic Implications
16. Accounting and Corporate Governance
17. Financial Management
18. The Macroeconomic Environment of Business
19. Work Behaviour and Performance
20. Organisational Design
21. Economics of Industry
22. Quantitative Methods for Managers
23. Information and Management Systems

Stage 3: 10 modules and 1 management project (130 Credits)

24. HRM: Strategic Resourcing and Development
25. Electronic Commerce
26. Understanding Strategic Management
27. Applied Strategic Management
28. International Business Strategy
29. International Business Environment
30. Capital Markets, Investment and Finance
31. Strategic Accounting and Management Control
32. Corporate Identity and Brand Management
33. Retailing and Services Marketing
34. Management Project

Each stage is split into 3 terms (4 months each). The students can expect to do 4 modules and sit for 4 exams at the end of each term. There is 2 ~ 3 lessons per week, for lectures and tutorials.

The course coordinators are mostly efficient, though they do make mistakes in the notes once in a while, but these are rectified quickly.

Lecturers are mostly practicing professionals in their fields, a number of them are currently teaching in the local unis or polys. Most are very knowledgeable and can teach well....though there are a couple of duds along the way (got qualifications but dunno how to teach....their lessons boring till zzzz....).

Overall I am rather satisfied.

Note: The above is for the Generalist pathway only. Those who're taking the Marketing or Accounting and Finance specializations will have different contents in stage 2 and 3; content of stage 1 is the same for all specializations.

Further information:

1) The Bradford University School of Management is a Top 100 Business School in the World. The business school itself is accredited by EQUIS, and all its MBA degree programs are accredited by AMBA. According to the Financial Times worldwide Top 100 MBA 2005, its full-time MBA is ranked #76 (#10 among UK business schools); in the Economist Intelligence Unit's Top 100 full-time MBA 2005, it's ranked #84, while Bradford's Associate Institute, NIMBAS, is ranked #57.

Source: Bradford University School of Management

2) The University of Bradford received its Royal Charter in 1966 but can trace early its root back to 1832, with the formation of the Mechanics Institute.

3) The weightage of each stage's results for determining Honours Classification are:

Stage 1 -> 0%, but need to pass all papers for progression to stage 2.
Stage 2 -> 30%
Stage 3 -> 70%

4) Honours classification will be determined according to the following method, based on overall weighted average:

Grade A: 70% ~ 100% -> 1st Class Honours Degree
Grade B: 60% ~ 69% -> 2nd Class Honours, 1st Division Degree
Grade C: 50% ~ 59% -> 2nd Class Honours, 2nd Division Degree
Grade D: 40% ~ 49% -> 3rd Class Honours Degree
Grade F: 37% ~ 39% -> Pass at Honours Degree
Grade F: 0% ~ 36% -> Fail or Pass Degree (on a case-by-case basis)

5) Students also have the option of doing an Pass Degree, which drops 80 credits out of the 360 credits from stages 2 and 3, requiring the student to complete only 280 credits, but this is not encouraged.

6) Those who had completed the Honours Degree requirements but failed to achieve at least a Pass at Honours Degree may be conferred a Ordinary Pass Degree, provided that the Ordinary Pass Degree requirements are met.

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