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the blackberry flexi 12GB plan which cost S$48.90 inclusive of the S$9 is only applicable if you recontract and buy a blackberry phone from singtel. If your contract haven't end and u wish to add this S$9 to your existing 3G flexi plan, you cannot do so. So those with existing 3G flexi plans like the iphone one, can only add the BIS 1GB(13 bucks or so) or the 3GB(25 bucks) one as additional services.
i wish to correct this statement.

you CAN add.
How do i know?

I have tried and tested. Done it more than 5 times already. 8 months, 3 months, 12 months into contract just add the $9 till the end of the current contract.

So its not true that there is any thing wrong with the statement that you can add the $9 into your contract, however, you cant, of course, remove it until your current contract expires.
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