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Originally posted by mrkiasu

Just to add my 2 cents, hope it helps.

Doing grad school, u got to be prepared to read a lot and not expect a lot of help from your profs.

I don't know about local schools, its not the habit of an american prof to give out exam tips and hints. They tend to cover quite a number of things that they go through during the course work.

For an american grad degree, B grade which is a 3.0 is the min for a pass grade in grad. school. If you are getting anything below a 3.5 CPGA in any Grad program, you would be considered quite a poor/weak student. Most GLC's would consider only something above 3.70 CGPA even for bach. degrees.

Mostly you go in, try to extract as much information as you can from the profs. They are usually full of experience and can be very useful even when you are done with school. I still personally keep in contact with all my prof. Whenever I run into a roadblock in work, I will e-mail them for advise or the next step.

Be fully prepared to read a lot in grad. school and not to be spoon fed.

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