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Originally posted by redsurfer

Left out the important information on cost though. Here's mine:

1) Offering institute: Self-Study
2) Validating university: UOL
3) Length of course: 3 yrs
4) Course structure: Part-time
5) Area of study : Bachelor Science in Computing and Information Systems
6) Cost : Ard SGD$11,000

Did the 1st year (pt) at Stansfield and continue with self-study for 2nd and final year. Only need to take 4 full modules in 1st year, 4 modules in 2nd year and 6 half modules plus one project for year 3.

Overall, the course is not quite tough for students doing full-time (at SIM, Informatics or Stansfield), but can be difficult for students doing part-time or self-study. If you intend to do this course, best institution is SIM but the cost will be very high. Those who really on budget can try self-study. I would recommend that you should start your first year at an institution and get to know some friends before doing self study. This way, you can have some access to materials from the institution even if you are not studying there . If you want to buy books, you can try NTU or NUS bookshop to buy them at a lower price (student rates).

Recommendation : Unless cost is your main concern (if you want to spend around $11k only) there should be better choices out there.
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