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Originally posted by unissys

Good initiative Jayan, so here is my contribution.

School: SIM
University: UOL
Degree: Banking and Finance (economics)
Tenure: 3 yera full-time
Grade: 2nd lower.
Fees: about sgd$ 15,000

However, i will like to add something more.

After grad, i was not able to find a job for 10months (financial crisis - suay). Later wok in a futures firm for about 6 months and later went to my current job (banking) - first of doing MIS later in the front line doing sales.

For some of you whom have been crusing through the forum, you will see me asking for pointers regarding OU Maths degree and thankfully, one of the forum members are willing to call me on the phone to let me clear my doubts. So I have already applied for a place in OU Maths degree.
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